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Digital Marketing

Human Centered Marketing

Human Centered Marketing starts with deeply understanding your customer or audience and who they are. What makes them tick? What drives them to make decisions? Not knowing, is like throwing darts while blind folded.

It’s putting people first which leads to a targeted campaign, stronger engagement and results that are driven by the customer. It’s about establishing connections with real people. Technology and data are wonderful tools, but we also need to remember that each customer is unique and not just a number.

This is marketing that speaks directly to your audience and in exchange creates a brand loyalty.

Choosing the right words so that your customers react in a snap second and in an authentic way is crucial for your identity. Your name should convey a feeling for the brand. It describes the organization and the products. Verbal identity also defining the “voice” of your brand. At Citrus, we have helped many clients over the years develop a brand new name or change an existing one. It’s one complimentary piece of your overall brand.

Print designs are all around. It appears on business cards, billboards or brochures. It could be your letter head, stickers or posters. It’s everywhere and often overlooked. Just like digital designs, the goal of print design is to use visual graphics to communicate a specific message to your viewers.

Traditional business marketing still relies on print media to spread awareness of their brand. Citrus has over 20 years of experience helping clients with their graphic design marketing assets.

Good packaging design could mean the difference between a sale for you or for a competitor. It’s the outside of the product where customers make split decisions on what appeals to them. It’s about balancing the choice of material, colors, graphics and fonts to help catch and retain the eye of the customer. It tells the story of your brand and product inside. Thorough a detailed brand assessment process, we are able to identify your brand archetype and will deliver designs that convey your brand story.

Another piece to capture your brand is to have the images on your website or print materials custom and unique to you. Our decades of experience from story boarding a photo shoot to executing the shots will be sure to enhance your brand. Personalizing your brand with photography sets you apart from the competition.

We offer a wide range of photography to accommodate all of your needs. Location scouting, wardrobe coordination and talent hiring are all in our wheel house.

Podcasting is growing and here to stay. Companies have been looking for creative outlets to bring awareness to their brand through podcasting. It allows brands to communicate directly to their audience and open doors for new interest. Tell your story about your company and brand. Establish instant authority in your industry and create brand ambassadors along the way. Check out Citrus’ own podcast.

We will bring your vision to life!

Whether it is cinematic story telling or a quirky YouTube commercial, Citrus Studios will take you to the next step of achieve your cinematic dreams.

Our videos that we capture for you will be used across many platforms to maximize return. Our speciality is to create a “Cinemagraph” that adds movement and life to your website.

We love coming together to help tell your story so you can share it with the world.

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Positive vibes and sunshine.

Let’s collab and make a big splash for your brand with our 20+ years of experience in design and development.

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