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Top Apps Of 2015 (So Far)

1) Scannable

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Mammoth productivity software corporation, Evernote, has released a new app that will make both tree huggers and corporate commuters rejoice. Scannable takes the mobile scanning functionality from parent app Evernote and makes it more efficient and intuitive to digitize paper documents with cheetah speed and impressive accuracy and quality. Keep in mind that the app focuses on text so don’t use it to archive your old family photos.

Once installed, you can start right away (without an Evernote account). Unlike scanning within the Evernote app, you don’t have to keep your documents in your Evernote notebook. Scannable lets you export documents in a number of ways and if you export using Evernote, it’ll save a PDF version.

New features include automated matching, which makes scanning multi-page documents fast and organized, and a business card scanner mode, which can parse and import the scanned information into LinkedIn (and is surprisingly accurate).

Get out the paper shredder and get ready to go paperless!

2) Qork

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Reddit addicts and Tweeters will love the new and innovative app, Qork, and the worldwide hype is justified. Tech publishing giants TNW, Mashable and Wired are all talking about it. Qork is much like Reddit but location-based with the intent of becoming a place where people share news, events and other content in their local community.

Much like Twitter, users log in and submit a post with images and text. More importantly, they attach a location. The post is then generated on a linear feed and pinned onto a map and the pin grows larger depending on how much interaction it generates in real-time.

Qork presents the stories in your immediate location, based on the most upvoted posts. Users can also downvote posts, helping to filter quality and relevant stories.

Hyperlocal social apps are still new but they are gaining ground and Qork is definitely one of its lead pioneers. It strives to connect locals within a community to share knowledge and act as a “town square for the digital age.”

3) Timeline

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There’s a new startup in town and its name is Timeline. Timeline isn’t your average pretty news aggregator like Flipboard or Feedly. It adds context to current news– context that may even go back 100 years in history. Unless you enjoy nerding out on history, you probably won’t want to go that far back though. The app allows users to jump around on the timeline and select what they read. They can read about the earliest history of a matter or just about the events of the past few days leading up to the headline. So next time you’re behind on the news, try Timeline!

4) Lightroom

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Adobe is one of the lead developers in the mobile market, intent on making their desktop software available on the go. They first started with photography application Lightroom for iOS and recently launched the product for Android. A tablet version for Android isn’t available yet but is in the works.

The app is only available with an Adobe Photography Plan or full Creative Cloud subscription. We all love free apps, but there’s a few perks to this: your photos will sync with the desktop version of Lightroom and you can work with RAW files directly from your mobile phone or tablet device.

5) Delectable

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The perfect app for Valentine’s Day and wine lovers, Delectable takes extra steps in the niche mobile app market. Its founder, who used to work for a prominent defense contractor, used that same defense technology to create a database of over two million wines for the app.

The app lets users snap a photo of a wine bottle, rate it and pull information from the database to identify and label the wine and provide others’ reviews. Users can also purchase a bottle through the app and have it delivered in days, supporting founder Alex Fishman’s description of Delectable as the “Uber of wine”.

Unlike its competitors Drync and Vivino, Delectable offers recommendations from professional sommeliers.

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