Press Kits

12 Dec Press Kits

First impressions can define a business as easily as they define a person. If you’re launching a new business or expanding to a broader customer base, a press kit lets you tell your story to the media, potential investors, potential clients, anyone you want to introduce your company to. A press kit done well serves as a sleek greeting that’ll get you in the door.

You don’t need to be a large business that regularly fields press calls to need a press kit. If you plan to reach out to bloggers, to other websites in your market, to media, then you need to have a press kit. At Citrus Studios, we create press kits that use your company’s brand logo and identity to design a press kit that is as unique as you. We’ll help you tell your story, define your target audience, and share unique features that set your website company apart from the rest. We’ll help you reach out to media with a press kit that will get you noticed.