About This Project

Autumn Colayco, founder of Uvicube, was inspired to create an easier way to clean by none other than her first-born daughter, Callie. Callie was born with an infection and minor heart problem, which caused Autumn to be even more alert in keeping her baby’s things clean. Using hot steamers, her time was eaten up by sterilizing instead of spending time with her baby. It even was found to be dangerous due to the high temperatures at times.

When UV technology began to be used professionally, this sparked an idea to apply the technology to the home. Thus,Uvicube was born. It not only proved to be safer with low heat, but also was more efficient and effective being able to sterilize not just bottles but toys, electronics and other personal items.

With an amazing idea already in play, Citrus Studios was challenged to make a website that was just as great. Citrus went above and beyond not only with a website, but designing Uvicube’s logo, videos, photos and even packaging. Working together with Autumn and her husband Ben, the site is as clean as Uvicube’s disinfection (which is 99.9%) yet as simple as its three-step system making it user-friendly and easily navegable.

Autumn and Ben are still proactive in keeping their kids safe, but now spend much less time doing it. Because “the time you spend protecting your children should be the time you spend watching them grow.”

Identity, Illustration, Print, Video, Web