About This Project

Murad is a line of advanced skincare products that was founded by “The Father of Internal Skincare” and board certified dermatologist, Dr. Howard Murad. Established in 1989, the brand continues to flourish and remain a leader in advanced and anti-aging skincare.

Over two decades later, technology has advanced and changed not only skincare but also advertising. Murad contacted Citrus Studios to help them develop motion graphic ads for the digital marketing age.

Citrus Studios began storyboarding with two things in mind: the short attention span of the average customer and how we could reach the largest audience, in this big and busy world. The ads would have to be just as impactful on small kiosk screens as well as on larger screens like in store displays.

We created short (less than one minute) videos, combining product photography, animated typography and voiceover to showcase different product lines and spotlight their major sales points. Text was limited to a maximum of seven words per line and the overall design danced around negative space, with the subject in high contrast. These calculated decisions are what makes the end result successful– each video summarizes a product in a clear and concise way, that can be understood visually and audibly, whether the potential customer is a few inches away from the screen or 20 feet away.