About This Project


Hyundai AutoEver Telematics America (HATA) was founded to bring telematics services to Hyundai and Kia automobile brands. Hyundai discovered Citrus Studios with a need for a robust recruiting site and began a partnership. The end result proved to be much more than either company could have imagined.

With parallax effects, HTML 5/CSS 3 transitions and full-page responsive menu the site truly portrays the sleek tech-driven character of HATA. Going beyond the Internet, Citrus also provided offline brand collateral including presentation templates.

Citrus also headed photography, allowing each photo to portray a snapshot of real office environment with current employees bringing it to life. Citrus developed photo concepts to ensure each shot was perfect and found the right photographer for the job. This resulted in professional looking photos with happy employees and their great looking space.


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