Hanz de Fuko

About This Project

San Franciscan entrepreneurs David Alfonso and Christopher Zent brought in Citrus Studios to redesign the eCommerce website for their popular line of men’s hair products. Friends from childhood, David and Alfonso founded Han de Fuko with the simple ideology to foster creativity and individuality. With nearly 5,000 subscribers on YouTube, the brand of hair care products quickly took off and grew in popularity. The founders saw the need to update their website to address high volume orders and appeal to the lifestyle they’ve created with their brand.

The redesign touched on user interface and user experience. The emerging brand had an existing monochromatic palette. Citrus Studios added a pop of color to the established palette in a minimalist redesign. This put their products and videos in the spotlight.

We added a new feature in the user’s shopping experience. Customers can browse product photos as with other eCommerce sites, but now can also watch product videos.

With the makeover and social media integration, Hanz de Fuko’s sales increased significantly since the new website launched.