About This Project

Over 100 years old, distributor of fine coffees, Gavina surely has plenty of knowledge and stories to share. 4th generation member Yanelle Gaviña approached us to help organize this content and tell the established brand’s story in a fresh, modern way.

We decided why just tell the story when we can illustrate it too? We all know what a picture’s worth! So we set out to build a website to be as visually captivating as the tropics Gavina beans are harvested from.

We set out not only to redesign but also to restructure this content-heavy informational site. Before diving into design, we restructured the information architecture. Once we got the information in a clear flow, we designed a visually compelling responsive website using Gavina’s brand guidelines.

The result was an informational site that told colorful stories and connected the user with the essence of the brand.