Cali Chutney

About This Project

The guys at California Chutney had one mission: to serve up the flavors of India in a fast and healthy way. They came to Citrus Studios in need of a website and some branding for their new startup.

Citrus Studios refined their existing logo for more resilience. A logo should withstand the test of time (or at least a decade), be just as effective on a business card as on a billboard, and establish the brand.

We then designed the website, pulling colors and inspiration from the logo, and combining them with beautiful full-width photography. The result was an aesthetically pleasing yet fully functional website that showcased their food, visually narrated their story, and merged an age-old recipe with contemporary California dining.

Citrus Studios also designed their large digital menu board, drawing from the website to blend it seamlessly into the restaurant’s environment.

Identity, Web