ARC Treatment

About This Project

The Authentic Recovery Center is a residential treatment program located in Los Angeles. ARC offers both in-patient and outpatient drug treatment and alcohol treatment programs using a combination of clinical, behavioral, and pharmacological techniques and approaches. Authentic Recovery Center specializes in dual-diagnosis treatment, treating both addiction and contributing elements such as depression and anxiety, providing our clients the greatest chance of recovery.

ARC came to Citrus Studios for website and logo rebranding.

The logotype was streamlined for a more modern look and the logo mark simplified to withstand the test of time. ARC is not only the company name’s acronym but also literally means “arc,” referring to the bridge to recovery.

Citrus Studios restructured the site’s information architecture for a more intuitive user experience. We then redesigned the blog, where ARC provides ongoing support to the community with articles and resources.

The end product was a design that is current and corporate, yet approachable.

Identity, Print, Web