Print Design

Print maybe a lost art nowadays with more and more readers converting to tablet devices and ebook readers. Surprisingly though, while more and more people are reading ebooks, editorial subscriptions have not migrated significantly towards this digital trend. Therefore, traditional print editorial remains prime real estate for visually appealing print ads. We can help with design as well as targeted marketing.

Citrus Studios offers a range of printed materials that can help you develop your brand and stay in front of customers through well-designed corporate and product brochures, trade show materials and posters, and more.

If you’re launching a new business or expanding to a broader customer base, a press kit lets you tell your story to the media, potential investors, potential clients, anyone you want to introduce your company to. We create press kits that use your company’s brand logo and identity to design a press kit that is as unique as you. We’ll help you tell your story, define your target audience, and share unique features that set your website company apart from the rest. We’ll help you reach out to media with a press kit that will get you noticed.

Planning to take your business or product to a trade show? If so, most likely there will be dozens of competitors and similar businesses there. Arriving prepared with eye-catching graphics and posters that capture the essence of your brand and product will surely grab the attention of overwhelmed attendees.