SEO Content Marketing Strategy

We live in the information age, a time when anyone can publish content online. Throw up a blog, say what you want to say and … did we hear a tree fall in the forest? Let’s face it: The Internet is overloaded with content. What your audience craves is content they can use. Well-written articles that answer their questions about a subject, that solve a need they have. Blog posts that are interesting and sound like you and not a corporate bot. Pictures that let them see your world in a way that makes them feel connected with your brand. When smartly done, content marketing can draw your audience to you and keep them coming back. At Citrus, we’ll help you create a clear content marketing strategy to reach your clients with information that is both useful to them and interesting. We’ll devise a plan to publish it on your site and other popular sites and make sure it is SEO optimized so that you reach your largest target audience. Anyone may be able to publish on the Internet, but not everything will be read. Let Citrus Studios make sure your website’s content reaches its widest audience.