Brand Identity

A brand is so much more than a name. It’s a culture, a lifestyle, an emotion. What do you want your brand to invoke?

Defining your brand identity allows you to define your stories for customers and potential clients. Let Citrus Studios help. Citrus Studios has helped startups create their brand and established companies reconsider their brand to engage a broader or new base of customers.

We offer branding workshops where we’ll help you develop, strengthen, or rebrand your brand through collaborative activities and exercises.

We’ll even help you visualize your brand through logos and custom graphics and grow your brand through email marketing, print campaigns and more.

Once you have a solid brand, you’ll need to make sure that the brand continues to invoke the same emotions and message over time. This is where a Standards Manual/Style Guide comes into play. It provides guidelines for following your brand’s style from colors, typography, logo usage, and more.

Contact Citrus today for a fresh twist on your brand that helps you immediately connect with your targeted clients and customers.