MailChimp Email Marketing

15 Dec MailChimp Email Marketing

Since it was first introduced in 1978, email marketing still stands at the top of the list in ROI (return on investment). The newest trend in this constantly evolving market is responsive design. Your customer, along with most of the rest of us, is very much attached to their smartphones and tablet devices. Over 60% read emails on their mobile devices and take action, like making purchases, at a desktop or laptop computer. At Citrus Studios, we implement MailChimp for email marketing services because it addresses this latest trend. The emails that your customers see on their mobile devices have to be just as readable and visually appealing as what they see on larger screens. 80% delete emails based on how they look and 18% will go to the length of unsubscribing. MailChimp offers a responsive framework so that desktop designs are mobile ready, increasing open rates by up to 17% and click rates by 24%. Understanding customer expectations and new email trends then strategizing a tactical campaign around this are crucial for email marketing success… and avoiding getting tossed into the spam box. Let Citrus Studios manage your next campaign. From research, to design, copywriting and programming, we can help!