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Citrus Studios is an award-winning interactive design studio based in Los Angeles, California. We’ve worked with world-class clients to create innovative, eye-catching websites that are intuitively designed so your clients can find what they’re looking for with ease. We’ve helped startups become must-have brands. We’ve helped new and established companies tell their brands’ story in a compelling way that draws customers in. Check out our portfolio of sites here.

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Yes! We’ve worked with clients as close as next-door, such as Hulu, to those on the other side of the continent, such as Hyundai HATA.

We conduct business according to our core values and like to work with clients with similar values.

WordPress is great for informational websites and blogs. With many existing themes, websites can often be created quickly and easily. There are also options to add e-commerce using WooCommerce.

Drupal is the perfect interface for custom websites with a lot of functionality. It works great for commerce sites since it has great security and can be built from the ground up to fit the needs and personality of your business.

The timeline for creating a website depends on many factors. However we will take your timeline seriously and work to accommodate any time constraints.

Website costs are based on the features of the website, features,  and selected Content Management System.

Depending on the details you provide, we will always try to help you turn around any of your current website struggles.

We do not offer hosting in-house, but we will set you up with hosting company that we use and trust.

Responsive website design ensures that your website looks pretty and is easily accessed on any device your customers find you on – desktop PC, mobile, tablet, etc. Watch our video for more information:

This is the first design we propose after our introductory questionnaire and branding conversation. It typically includes a homepage design and one subpage.

A revision round is the stage after the initial design in which we take your feedback and make changes to fit your preferences, brand strategy, time constraints, and budget. We request all revisions be documented in writing so it is clear and precise what changes need to be done.

This is any additional features outside of the initial agreement. It can also be called a New Work Order. Any extra costs will always be proposed for approval beforehand.

This is when we reach an agreement together in order to finalize the design of your website.

Content includes all the words on a website (bio, about, services, etc.), images, and video. It is all that makes up your website beyond the logo and design.

Absolutely. We can even set up a photo shoot for you and will handle the logistics, staging, and photographer.

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Yes, we offer a monthly maintenance plan for every website that we build. Plans vary based on which Content Management System you choose for your website.

Call us today: (310) 717-8201 or fill out a new client questionnaire to get started.

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