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Creative Questionnaire

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Company & Offering

1. Please describe in one sentence what you are offering to customers or visitors.

2. What is most unique about what you are offering?

3. On a scale of 1 to 10- with 1 being traditional/conservative and 10 being cutting-edge- how would you like the image of your company/brand to come through?

4. When people think of your brand, what words should come to mind?

5. What image would you like to project overall?

6. What are the secondary attributes (for example: upscale, high-quality, friendly, etc)?

7. What are your distribution/marketing/sales goals for the next year? Two years?

8. What will you offer initially and how will that evolve?

9. Who are your competitors?

10. What distinguishes (or will distinguish) your offering from competitors?

11. Among similar industries, who would you most like to be and why?

12. Who would you most like to resemble from another industry and why?

Target Customer

1. Who is your target market? Provide a profile of your ideal customer(s): demographics (gender, age range, occupation, education, marriage/children status, geographic location) and psycho-demographics.

2. Where or how will they view your materials (website, PPT deck, intranet)?


1. Are there colors you would like to avoid?

2. Any additional comments?