28 Dec Information Architecture

Information Architecture focuses on planning and organizing website content. It addresses dilemmas such as where to place certain content, how to categorize content, and what vocabulary to use. For example, should "support" or "help" be used? And should it be found under the "contact" section...

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19 Dec Corporate Brochures

This may be the digital age, but printed corporate brochures designed well can leave your potential clients with a lasting impression that can bolster your online presence and the work your business does. At Citrus Studios, we work with your company to create corporate brochures...

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17 Dec Print Advertising

Print maybe a lost art nowadays with more and more readers converting to tablet devices and ebook readers. Surprisingly though, while more and more people are reading ebooks, editorial subscriptions have not migrated significantly towards this digital trend. Therefore, traditional print editorial remains prime real...

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15 Dec MailChimp Email Marketing

Since it was first introduced in 1978, email marketing still stands at the top of the list in ROI (return on investment). The newest trend in this constantly evolving market is responsive design. Your customer, along with most of the rest of us, is very...

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15 Dec Trade Show Graphics/Posters

Are you planning to take your business or product to a trade show? If so, most likely there will be dozens of competitors and similar businesses there. Arriving prepared with eye catching graphics and posters that capture the essence of your brand and product will...

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14 Dec Standards Manual/Style Guide

Once you have a solid brand, you'll need to make sure that the brand continues to invoke the same emotions and message over time. This is where a Standards Manual/Style Guide comes into play. It provides guidelines for following your brand's style from colors, typography,...

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